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The Full Story

The Vintage Dispatch Ltd was officially founded in 2022, but the seed of the idea was planted much earlier.

The founder, Aled Davies (I’m writing this, so I’ll talk about myself in the 1st person from now on). I returned to the UK in 2022, after living and working in Amsterdam and Barcelona for 15 years. It's the familiar story of working a day job in a career that wasn't really fulfilling and longing for something different. That 'something different' turned out to be The Vintage Dispatch.

Growing up, I fondly remember my parents "dragging me" to antique and vintage markets, shops and sales. My Mother is a keen glass and porcelain collector and my Dad has a passion for art, literature and old tools. Both my parents have, together, furnished their home with a variety of antique furniture - some bought, some inherited, and I love that. I remember sitting and watching Antiques Roadshow as a family and everyone having very strong opinions on the items people brought to the experts, and each week, being excited to receive the latest release of: 'Times Past' magazine. The bug had bitten and I started my own journey of discovery in the world of antiques and later, midcentury furniture, art and design. 

While living in Amsterdam, I became involved in sourcing and selling mid-century furniture, through a dealership called Koutsj. I was moving mid-century furniture from the UK to The Netherlands and I really enjoyed the collection and delivery side of the job (moving nice stuff for nice people) - I loved being out and about, meeting with people, talking about their furniture, relaying the history and seeing a lovely piece of furniture, find it's new place in someone's house. 


 I spotted the need for a specialist courier who offered more than just the mainstream courier companies. One that not only cared about the items of furniture and decor being sourced and sold but also perpetuated the movement's ethos and had an affinity with the field. It was clear to me that people weren't simply buying a piece of furniture, but they were buying into the history, the prominence, the look and feel, of course, and because of that, it made the role of moving these items extremely important. 

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